2017 Ford Fusion offers new “Return to Park” feature

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Ford Fusion, Technology on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 at 5:27 pm
How does the Ford “Return to Park” feature work?

How does the Ford “Return to Park” feature work?

Ford is a company that is always attempting to push the limits of vehicle technology forward. The 2017 Ford Fusion arrived at dealerships everywhere with a slew of new technology features and systems. One of the systems that will be making its debut on the new Fusion is Ford’s “Return to Park” feature that is part of the new dial shifter. So how does the Ford “Return to Park” feature work?

“Return to Park” Technology

2017 Ford Fusion dial shifterThe purpose of “Return to Park” is to help provide peace of mind to drivers worried about forgetting to set the car in park or accidently leaving the car in the wrong gear. Like the name implies, “Return to Park” will automatically set the shifter to “Park” if it detects the driver leaving the Fusion.

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Several different conditions will trigger the “Return to Park” feature. These include turning the vehicle off, opening the driver’s door with the safety belt unlatched and the vehicle stationary and unlatching your safety belt while the driver’s door is open and the vehicle is stationary. These will cause the car to automatically shift into park. This system is designed to eliminate instances of unattended vehicle rollaways.

In addition to automatically shifting into park, the system will also automatically set the car to neutral if the ignition is turned off while the car is moving.

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