Guide to using BLIS® with Trailer Coverage and Cross-Traffic Alert

How to use Ford BLIS® with Trailer Coverage?

Every new Ford vehicle comes equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot 360 ™ which provides the driver a bunch of safety assist features. One of them is the BLIS® or the Blind Spot Information System. But how exactly does BLIS ® work? What is BLIS ® with Cross-Traffic alert and how to use it? How to use BLIS ® with trailer coverage? Read this blog by Akins Ford, Winder, Georgia to learn everything you need to know about the Ford BLIS ® safety assist feature.

How to use BLIS ® with Cross-Traffic alert?

BLIS ® is activated as soon as the vehicle gains a speed of more than 6-mph and remains active for as long as the vehicle is moving or in neutral. BLIS ® warns the driver with a solid light on the side-view mirrors whenever a vehicle is in the blind spot. If the driver switches on his turn signal when a vehicle is present in the blind spot, a secondary flashing light is turned out.

Cross-Traffic alert gives you a warning when a vehicle is approaching you while in reverse or when you are trying to move out of a parking spot. It gives you three different warnings- light on the corresponding side-view mirror, a chime, and a message in the message center.

Ford BLIS® with Cross-Traffic alert depiction.

Ford BLIS® with Cross-Traffic alert notification.

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What is Ford BLIS® with Trailer Coverage and how to use it?

When a trailer is connected to a Ford vehicle and is driving over 5-mph, BLIS® with trailer coverage is activated. It uses the sensors in the vehicle’s tail end to extend the detection area rearward.

You have to fill in your trailer information when setting this feature up for the first time. The five-way switch mounted on the steering wheel can be used to fill in this information. Although BLIS® with trailer coverage supports only conventional trailers with a width in between 9ft and 33ft. It is also important to provide correct trailer information for BLIS® with trailer coverage to be active.

Once you have set up your trailer information, it will be saved in memory. Then you can go back and select the same next time. If no trailer information is provided, BLIS® with trailer coverage and cross-traffic alert will automatically be turned off.

Ford BLIS® with trailer coverage light on the side-view mirror.
Ford BLIS® with trailer coverage setup display.

It is important to note that driver-assist features are supplemental and are not a substitute for driver’s attention or judgment. If you have any questions about this feature, you can contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check out more how-to guides here.