Utilizing Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start on the Ford F-150

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford F-150, Technology on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 3:32 pm
2019 Ford F-150 on construction site

How to Use Push-Button Start on Ford F-150?

With intelligent access technology now standard on Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited models, getting your F-150 running and on the road has never been easier. How to use the push-button start feature on your Ford F-150 depends on whether you’re sporting a gasoline or diesel engine under the hood.

side view of a black 2019 Ford F-150 LimitedUsing Push-Button Start on a Gas Engine Ford F-150

Step 1: Press and hold the brake pedal

Step 2: Press the Engine Start/Stop button

Note: Your vehicle’s key fob must be on you for push-button start to work.

Using Push-Button Start on a Diesel-Equipped Ford F-150

If your F-150 is equipped with a diesel engine, it will require a little extra attention to start. Diesel engine vehicles come equipped with a set of instant start glow plugs, which offer quick start-ups in cold weather. Because the glow plugs must heat up before the engine can be started, there are a few extra steps involved.

front interior of a 2019 Ford F-150

Step 1: Press the Engine Start/Stop button

Step 2: Press and hold the brake pedal

Step 3: Wait for glow plug indicator to turn off

Note: A message in the instrument panel will instruct you to wait, along with an illuminated glow plug indicator in the instrument panel. Do not proceed until the glow plug indicator turns off. The time required for glow plugs to energize can vary depending on several factors, including coolant and environmental temperature and barometric pressure.

Step 4: Press the Engine Start/Stop button

Note: You should allow your engine to idle for at least 15 seconds after startup and wait until the oil pressure gauge reaches normal before driving.

Locking and Unlocking Doors with Intelligent Access

To unlock the doors on your F-150, simply pull on the door handle with the key fob in your pocket. To lock them back up, just press the sensor on the driver’s door handle for about half a second.

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