What are the top 3 parks to visit in Winder, GA?

Top 3 parks in Winder, GA

Winder is a city in the U.S. state of Georgia, located in Barrow County. It is part of the Atlanta metropolitan region and is located east of Atlanta. At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 14,099 people. The city is the county seat of Barrow County. Continue reading this article if you are planning a trip to Winder or perhaps want to spend a relaxing evening in the city. In this blog by Akins Ford, we will tell you the top 3 parks to visit in Winder, GA. Don’t forget to check out our CPO inventory after reading this piece! 

Best Parks in Winder, GA

There are many parks in Barrow County, but the most popular ones are listed below- 

Fort Yargo State Park

A fantastic state park for camping, cub and boy scout outings, and other outdoor activities. The campgrounds are spacious and perfect for camping and many other outdoor pursuits. There is a beautiful lake that is ideal for water sports like kayaking and fishing. There is more than 1 entrance to this park, so please be aware of that. For a weekend getaway, you can rent a yurt or an adventure cabin and grab some catfish in between rides!

Freeman’s Mill Park

Freeman’s Mill is a 12-acre park with a 0.5-mile paved walk that leads to a historic gristmill with a magnificent mill wheel, as well as a waterfall. If you have little children, this park is ideal for use as a play area. It’s a family-friendly park offering plenty of activities for kids and facilities, including private parking spaces, bike parking, and gender-neutral restrooms.

Little Mulberry Park 

Little Mulberry Park has four different entrances. With around 15 miles of trails, it’s a fairly large park. There are playgrounds, grills, picnic tables, a fishing lake, lake & lake views. Additionally, the Karina Miller Nature Preserve sits right in the midst of this lovely park that’s been meticulously maintained. It is a great spot for picnics, walking or running, or gathering with friends. Here you can also go kayaking or enjoy a picnic with your children and pets. Yes, it is a pet-friendly place; therefore, you are welcome to bring your pets along!

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