What are the Standard Warning Lights on a Car Dashboard?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 10:01 am
2022 Ford Dashboard System

Standard Warning Lights on the Car Dashboard

The use of sensors has become an integral part of automobile technology. Nowadays, cars have sensors encompassing lights and symbols that give drivers information to operate their vehicles safely. The warning lights of the car dashboard come in a variety of colors. Red light indicates a significant issue or component failure in the vehicle, while yellow and amber lights indicate a lower grade hazard. Green and blue lights mean that certain features are engaged. At Akins Ford in Winder, GA, our certified team helps you better understand the standard warning light icons on a car dashboard; read on to discover them!

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Types of Common Warning Lights on a Car Dashboard 

  • Engine Temperature Gauge: The temperature gauge in your vehicle is a feature that measures the temperature of your engine’s coolant, and it resembles a thermometer in a liquid. When this icon appears on your dashboard, check the level of your coolant immediately.
  • Airbag Warning Indicator: The airbag light on your dashboard indicates something is wrong with the seatbelts or airbags. It’s inbuilt into your vehicle to protect the driver and the passengers during an accident scenario. If this icon light is on, it symbolizes faulty seatbelt/airbag mechanisms. It is crucial to check the airbag lights by taking your vehicle to a service center to avoid any disastrous consequences.
An image of the warning signs chart of the car dashboard system.
An image of an engine temperature indicator.
  • Seat Belt Indicator: This icon means that the person is not wearing a seat belt. It shows this in different situations, such as when the car is in motion or if it has just started.
  • Low Fuel Indicator: This icon tells you when your tank is running low on fuel. The fuel pump requires petrol to act as a lubricant for its gears and coolant for its engine. Maintain the fuel in your vehicle correctly to avoid a drastic impact on its performance.

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