2020 Ford GT Gets More Horses, Louder Exhaust & Appearance Options

What Changes Have Been Made to the 2020 Ford GT?

Today, Ford Performance has announced a full list of upgrades coming to the Ford GT supercar for 2020, and these changes will mean more horses, menacing good looks and a more satisfying engine sound. Interested to exactly see what changes have been made to the 2020 Ford GT? Join us as we unwrap the updates piece by piece.

What’s New in the 2020 Ford GT Supercar? 

Is the 2020 Ford GT more powerful than the outgoing model? Yes – the new 2020 Ford GT will make 660 horsepower, signaling an increase of 13 horsepower from the 2017-19 Ford GT. Changes to the 2020 GT’s EcoBoost engine include a broader torque band, revised engine calibration and the addition of gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils. New buttress air ducts increase airflow by 50%, while larger intercoolers help keep charge air temperatures cooler.  The 2020 Ford GT also trades up to a premium Akrapovič titanium exhaust, shaving off nine lbs. of weight over the previous system. The updated setup also creates a more resonant exhaust note from the EcoBoost engine. 

What are the new GT appearance packages? GT owners will have two new unique appearance options to choose from this year: Liquid Carbon and the updated Gulf Racing Heritage Livery. 

2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon

Liquid Carbon Package: The new Ford GT Liquid Carbon trades the paint finish for a special clearcoat layer, putting an emphasis on the GT’s lightweight carbon fiber body. Carbon fiber wheels are featured as standard equipment on the Liquid Carbon package.

2020 Ford GT Gulf Racing Heritage Livery

Gulf Racing Heritage Livery: The updated Gulf Racing Heritage Livery now uses a black pinstripe to divide the orange and blue color scheme. The optional carbon-fiber number also changes to 6 for 2020. For the first time, carbon fiber wheels are available in place of aluminum alloy. 

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