Check out the Driver Assist technology on Ford vehicles

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What Ford vehicles have driver assist technology?

What are you afraid of? Some may put spiders, heights, ghosts, or killer clowns on that list, but most drivers know that there is more to be afraid of on the road than something from a scary Halloween movie. Like other drivers. Fortunately, driver assist technology on Ford vehicles is here to watch your back (and your blind spots, and your front too).

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What Ford vehicles have driver assist technology?

Driver assist technology can be found on trucks like the Ford F-150, SUVs like the Ford Edge and Ford Explorer, and cars like the Ford Fusion and the Ford Taurus. As the 2016 model year progresses, even more vehicles may benefit from these great options.

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Driver Assist technology on Ford vehicles

Across the nation, drivers worry more about the behavior and visibility of other drivers and vehicles more than a host of other common fears, like ghosts, flying, heights, and even public speaking (which tops most people’s list of daily terrors). Fortunately Ford driver assist technology is here to take the terror out of the daily commute.

Ford Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

Ford blind spot detection

When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the BLIS system will detect a radar system located behind the rear bumper. It will then turn on an indicator light on your mirror to let you know about the possible threat.

Lane-Keeping on Ford vehicles

Ford Lane Keeping Assist

Sometimes cars can get smarter than we are. With the Ford lane-keeping system, your vehicle will automatically detect the lane markings and vibrate the steering wheel if it notices that you are moving our of your appropriate lane without a blinker.

Active Perpendicular and Parallel Park Assist

Ford Parking Assist

Hate parking? With Ford Active Park Assist you don’t have to handle anything but handle shifting and the gas and brake pedal. Using 12 ultasonic sensors scattered all around enabled Ford vehicles, the car or truck will steer itself into the perfect spot.

F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Trailer steering on the F-150

When you have a trailer to back into a specific space but no one to spot you it can be a challenge to align everything correctly. The Pro Trailer Backup system allows you to steer your trailer with a knob on the dashboard while your truck steers the wheel and controls your speed.

Ford Cross-Traffic Alerts

Ford cross traffic alerts

Pulling out of your parking space or driver way can be one of the most dangerous parts of your day, but not with a Driver Assist-equipped Ford. While you back up your vehicle will keep an eye out for other approaching cars and give you a warning (visible, and audible) of their presence.

No matter what Ford vehicle you choose, you can rest easy knowing that Ford puts your safety as a priority on the road.