How long will the Ford GT be offered

Ford has expanded the availability of the new Ford GT

How long will the Ford GT be offered?

Ford recently brought back the iconic Ford GT supercar. The redesigned performance machine has been met with rave reviews. A limited number of the new GT models were made available to the public. Ordering was split up into multiple periods. So how long will the Ford GT be offered? Ford originally was only going to offer the GT over two years, but this period has just been expanded.

Ford will now be offering the GT for two additional years. This additional time period will give applicants who were placed on the waitlist or those who missed out on earlier ordering periods. The first ordering period for the Ford GT resulted in over 6,000 applications for just 250 models.

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Ford GT Engine Power and Performance

The new Ford GT has been designed to be the ultimate performance supercar. This performance starts under the hood. Ford has equipped the GT with a specially-designed 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. The engine is expected to break 600 horsepower.

In addition to the powerful engine, all elements of the new Ford GT have been designed to maximize performance. The supercar’s teardrop body design maximizes the aerodynamics of the Ford GT, helping the car slice through the air with little resistance.

Ford Performance Lineup

The Ford GT sits at the top of the company’s lineup of performance vehicles. Even if you were not lucky enough to get your hands on a GT, Ford offers several other great models that deliver fun performance capabilities. Stop by Akins Ford and take models like the 2017 Ford Mustang, 2017 Shelby Mustang GT350 or the 2016 Ford Focus ST for a test drive. Take a look at our selection to learn more about everything Akins Ford has to offer.