Where can you see the LEGO Ford GT

LEGO Ford GT will be displayed at Le Mans

Where can you see the LEGO Ford GT?

The return of the Ford GT can already be called a success. In order to help celebrate the new version of this great performance car, Ford has created a LEGO version of the GT car. So where can you see the LEGO Ford GT? The model will be on display at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

LEGO Ford GT Size

The impressive LEGO model is a third of the size of the real car. Also on display is a model of the classic Ford GT40. 50 years ago, the GT40 scored a historic 1-2-3 at the track. The LEGO version of the car uses the same #66 race number and green wing mirrors and screen to visor that appear on the full-size car. Both models will be on display at Circuit de la Sarthe in France from June 18-19.

New Ford GT Car Availability

Only 500 models of the new Ford GT will be produced. Parties interested in ordering one of the cars will be given two chances to apply. The first application period ended in May of 2016, but a second period will open next year. 250 GT models will be offered during each ordering period. Ford received over 6,000 applications during the first ordering period.


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Ford GT Performance and Capabilities

Ford has designed the new GT car. Engineers have created a revolutionary body design that maximizes aerodynamics. Under the hood, the GT will be powered by a turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine. Ford is expecting the GT to easily break the 600 horsepower mark.

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