Clear Your Cargo Floor with Ford PowerFold® Seats

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Video on Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at 8:27 pm
2019 Ford Explorer interior seats

How to Use Your Ford’s PowerFold® Seats

When you browse from the hundreds of SUVs on the Akins Ford lot, you’ll notice that many come equipped with something called PowerFold® seating. The available PowerFold® function allows you to transform your vehicle into a impromptu cargo van on the fly. This guide explains how you can use your Ford’s PowerFold® seats to clear the cabin of your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

PowerFold® Buttons & Functions

With the mere push of a button, the PowerFold® seats automatically fold to provide a flat and seamless cargo floor for massive hauls or large items.

Button PowerFold® Function
2L Folds the left-most 2nd-row seat.
2M Folds the middle 2nd-row seat.
2R Folds the right-most 2nd-row seat.
3L Folds the left side of the 3rd-row bench seat.
3R Folds the right side of the 3rd-row bench seat.
Seat Icon Folds all seats in the corresponding row.