Safe Holiday Driving Tips

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Safe Holiday Driving Tips

The holidays can be a dangerous time to be on the road, both because of weather, congestion, and holiday partying. That is what makes it so important to follow these safe holiday driving tips, so that you and loved ones can be safe on the road this Christmas and New Years.
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Get your car checked over

It’s important when the weather turns colder, with the possibility of ice and snow, to get your car checked over by service professionals to be sure that everything is in good working order. It’s especially important to check the battery, tires, and cooling system.

Plan ahead for the journey

Whether you are heading across town to visit Grandma or headed across country for a huge family get-together, it’s important to plan ahead. Are you driving through cities or around them? Will the roads be good? Do you need to bring extra batteries for the kids’ rear entertainment for that long trip? Do you need to stock up on podcasts to make the journey go faster?

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Be patient when plans go belly up

No matter how carefully you create your itinerary there can be last minute changes and challenges, like road construction, accidents, storms, or forgotten suitcases. Being ready to accept and adapt to these changes will make your holiday journey a lot less stressful.

Follow traffic rules and weather patterns

While you should follow traffic rules all the time, it’s especially important to be aware of traffic and weather patterns this time of year when so many people are in a hurry and on the roads.

Stop if you need to call or text

This is also a dangerous time of year to be distracted. If you absolutely must answer that call from Aunt Gertrude (after alll, you may need to pick up the tree or some extra food for the family feast) be sure you are using something like Ford SYNC with Siri Eyes-Free or the Uconnect infotainment system so that you are keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while getting your messages.

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Don’t drive exhausted or inhibited

Holidays can be tiring and stressful. Remember that it’s okay to stop for a nap, or just to get a cup of coffee and relax. That’s a lot better than ending up in an accident or taking the wrong turn on accident.

Designate a sober driver

This is also extremely important. Whether you are going out with friends on New Years Eve, or having a couple drinks at the holiday party, be sure that there is someone who can get everyone home or at least call a cab.
Be safe, and we at Akins Ford hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!