What are the Warning Signs for Brake Replacement?

How to Know if My Vehicle Needs Brake Replacement?  

Regarding vehicle service and maintenance, we tend to leave out one of the most important parts, the brakes. To ensure your safety on the road, brakes must function at their optimum level; failing to do so might lead to accidents and cost you a lot. The best thing to do is check your brakes regularly with expert technicians. In this blog by the Akins Ford team in Winder, GA, let’s learn about the six signs that indicate your brakes need replacement. Continue reading below to learn more.  

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5 Signs Indicating the Need for Brake Replacement  

Several factors, such as climate, road conditions, driving skills, and more, influence the wearing of your brake pads.  

Grinding Sounds While braking- If you hear a grinding sound when applying brakes, you must immediately replace your brake pads. A few brake pads have a built-in metal wear indicator that makes a loud noise and alerts you that it’s time to replace them.   

Squeaking Sounds: When your brakes are near their useful life, you will first notice a squeaking noise coming from the brakes. These sounds are usually caused by excessively worn-down pads, meaning you must get them looked at immediately.  

Vibrations: Feeling vibrations while applying brakes is another sign that your vehicle’s brakes need professional help. There is a chance that your rotors are affected and have created uneven brake pad wear simultaneously.  

Thinning of Brake Pads: One of the easy ways to check your brake is by visually inspecting them for wear. You can look between the spokes of your wheels and locate your brake pad; if it appears to be thin, it mostly means that you need to get it replaced.  

Taking Longer to Stop- If your brakes do not perform like before, you must get them checked out. After you apply brakes if it’s talking more than usual to stop, take it to the mechanic without further delay.   

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Get your Brakes Checked at Akins Ford  

Drivers needing brake replacements or inspection can complete it at Akins Ford in Winder, GA. Get in touch with our team and get all the information. 

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