Ford Interceptor Utility adds to its stealthy appearance

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Safety, Technology on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 6:56 pm
New Ford Interceptor No Profile Light Bar Features-Akins Ford

New Ford Interceptor “No Profile” Light Bar features

Ford has lowered the profile of its Police Interceptor Utility. The new Ford Interceptor “No Profile” light bar features will add to the vehicle’s stealthy appearance, and make the vehicle more inconspicuous.

No Profile light bar factory installed

New Ford Interceptor No Profile Light Bar Features-lights-Akins FordThe No Profile light bar will be a factory installed feature. Ford sought to make their version of an interior visor light bar a more practical feature than aftermarket products. The No Profile light had to be noticeable when operating, yet discreet enough that it was not obvious to other drivers and did not obstruct the view out the front of the Interceptor.

Ford fully integrated their light bar right into the the meeting point between the headliner and the top of the windshield. Mounting the bar at this high point helps to maximize forward visibility. Interceptors ordered with the light will not include the standard dark shade band along the top of the windshield. Eliminating this band helps to improve the color brightness and visibility of the light.

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Light bar offers several settings

The light bar has several different settings. When activated, the bar alternates red and blue lights and can be programmed for red/red or blue/blue operation. The light also features bright-white “take down” and “scene” settings to aid with forward visibility. Light Intensity can be adjusted down to 20 percent and also features an auto-dimming function.

The No Profile light system eliminates the need for a roof mounted light bar. This helps give the Ford Police Interceptor a less conspicuous and stealthier profile.
2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility models with the No Profile light bar are now available for order. Each light bar comes with a limited warranty.

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