Ford MyKey features

Ford MyKey Features for Safer Driving

When it comes to driving safely, it’s always good to have a little help on the road. With the Ford MyKey, parents are able to set limits on one of the keys for the family vehicle which help their students pick up good driving habits, which is especially good to be reminded of during  National Teen Driver Safety Week. With the Ford MyKey system, restrictions can be placed on distractions and good habits can be encouraged. This system has also been used in commercial driving fleets as well to encourage safety. But what are the Ford MyKey features?

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What vehicles have Ford MyKey?

This feature is available on millions of vehicles nationwide. These include models as wide-ranging as the subcompact Ford Fiesta and the massive Ford Transit Connect van, with the Ford Focus sedan, Ford Escape SUV and Ford F-150 truck in between.

Buckling up with Ford MyKey

The MyKey system will mute the sound system and sound a tone if the driver is not buckled up while driving. This ensures that your student is safer on the road in the event of a crash.

Ford MyKey Speed Limit

With the Ford MyKey parents (or fleet owners) are able to set a top speed of 80 mph, or lower on some models. The vehicle can also be set to alert the driver when they are within 5 mph of reaching that maximum speed.

Graphic showing Ford MyKey features laid out over the dashboard

Volume limits with MyKey

Music can be a major distraction, especially if you can’t hear other vehicles over the sound of your rocking tunes. The MyKey system can set volume limits to 45% of the maximum.

“Do Not Disturb” setting on Ford MyKey

While technology like the Ford SYNC or SYNC3 can help integrate your smartphone and vehicle for hands-free calling, calls and texts can still be a major distraction. With the MyKey, smartphones paired to the vehicle can be automatically set into a “Do Not Disturb” mode for limited distractions.

Fuel alerts Ford MyKey

Everyone has had a moment where they looked down at the gas gauge and had a nasty shock realizing that the tank was almost empty. One of the features on the Ford MyKey is a gentle alert when the tank reaches an eighth of a tank so there are no unpleasant surprises.

These Ford MyKey features are a great way to keep new drivers safe, but everyone needs to stay safe on the road. With statistics saying that parents are even more likely to be checking their phones while driving than their students, the Ford MyKey sounds like a good way to remind everyone to follow safe driving habits and stay safe on the road.