What Ford Vehicles Have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Ford Escape, Technology on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 at 5:04 pm
What Ford Vehicles Have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

If you’re wondering what Ford vehicles have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you’re not alone. While many car manufactures have been gradually integrating these premium smartphone-to-car connecting apps for quite some time, Ford has only recently begun adding this functionality. But this great company is catching up with a vengeance. Keep reading for the exciting details.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Ford vehicles

The 2017 Ford Escape coming out later this year will be the first Ford vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it certainly will not be the last. These two smartphone connectivity apps will work seamlessly with the 2017 Escape’s SYNC 3 infotainment system, and all 2017 Ford vehicles models with SYNC 3 will come standard with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. SYNC 3 will also support a host of other apps designed to make life in a Ford vehicle steamlined and hassle-free.

Current owners of 2016 model year vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 should be able to upgrade to get these great apps later this year.

Apple CarPlay with Ford SYNC 3 in 2017

Other Great Features for Ford SYNC 3

Android Auto directions with Ford SYNC 3 for 2017Ford SYNC 3, in addition to new Android and iPhone connectivity options, will integrate the Ford SYNC Connect smartphone app. This app will allow drivers to be able to control multiple vehicle functions from the comfort of their smartphone. Need to lock the doors after you are already out of the parking lot? Can’t find your vehicle? Neither of those is a problem anymore with SYNC Connect. With a few smartphone commands you can lock your doors or locate your car.

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All of this is just adds to the great features of SYNC 3, like next generation voice recognition technology, intuitive touchscreen commands, Bluetooth music steaming, and voice activated climate control. Depending on your phone, you can also talk to Google or use Siri Eyes Free to get directions or handling calling and texting.

We’re excited about the possibilities of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now available on Ford vehicles. We can’t wait to see SYNC 3 in action on new 2017 year models as they arrive on the lot here at Akins Ford.